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Commercial Louvered
Roof Systems

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Turn Your Business into the Place to Be

Louvered roofs open a world of possibilities for your outdoor seating area. A series of horizontal slats (louvers) angled in a way to admit air and light while keeping out rain, the concept of louvered systems has been around for ages. With a Marygrove, your outdoor space will become a main attraction for your customers and employees.
It encompasses everything from the classic window shutters to modernized motor-operated louvered roof systems. Whether you run a restaurant or are looking for a patio cover for your home, an Arcadia Louvered Roof System can revolutionize how you use your outdoor space.

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Increased Visibility

Adding patio covers can increase your establishment’s visibility and make it draw in more passersby. Louvered roof system makes it easy to create a climate- and light-controlled environment that will please any guest. Adding a Marygrove is the perfect way to create an outdoor space for your customers to relax in. 

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Investment Quickly Returned

Louvered roof seating is a smart decision for many businesses and usually provides a quick return on investment. Not only are you adding a new revenue area, but customers will flock to your new, sleek outdoor seating area. And the louvered roof system is just the start – transform your patio into the perfect hangout with LED lights, decorations, and music.

Louvered pergola with fans at restaurant

Frequently Asked Questions

Although both are used to provide shade from the sun, the louvered roof and retractable awning are quite different. 

With a wide range of motion–160 degrees, to be exact–users can utilize an adjustable louvered roof system in all types of weather. And with an automatic rain sensor, you can rest assured your outdoor space will be covered in the rain, no matter what. 

Under a modern Arcadia Louvered Roof by Marygrove Awnings©, you are in control of how much sun shines in your space. Let in the light on a sunny morning. When it gets too hot, create a shady escape by using your remote to slant the louvers, or panels, to the desired angle so you have just enough ventilation to stay comfortable on your deck or patio. 

Rather than the fabric canopy of a retractable awning that could harbor mold or mildew if not safely stored and maintained, a louvered roof is made of durable metal to combat inclement weather, like a heavy rain shower or hailstorm. A stray rain shower won’t stop the fun, either. When dark clouds roll in, just close the louvers to preserve the party. You can also install retractable screens along the sides of your louvered roofing system to block heavy wind or to give you and your guests more privacy. 

The galvanized steel flashing of a louvered roof is designed to cover the area around the roof’s vent to prevent water from leaking into your outdoor area while still allowing for airflow when the louvers are closed. 

Companies looking to build or expand their outdoor seating need louvered roof systems to protect their patrons and employees. These systems are more affordable than building full additions, and renting the space for your business may prohibit you from investing in a complete addition. If you choose patio seating, make sure your patio has a covering that will withstand tough weather when closed but also let the light shine through the louvers on those sunny spring afternoons. 

With a remote controlled, motorized louvered roof system from Marygrove Awnings©, your employees can dedicate more time to serving your customers outdoors regardless of the weather. Rain sensors are also available in case you can’t close the louvers before the rain starts. 

Temperatures too intense in the summer? You can even install a fan (or two…or four) onto the beams of your louvered roof system to keep patrons cool. That’s never an option under a retractable awning! 

Have an outdoor bar or DJ booth and dance floor? Louvered roofs also protect your outdoor furniture and equipment. 

To continue using your louver roof system year-round, consider installing a retractable screen on each side and front. The openness factor of a retractable screen provides privacy and protection against harsh winds and temperatures in the fall and winter months. The thin basketweave vinyl-coated polyester fabric is lightweight, which puts little strain on the frame of your louvered roof system. 

Absolutely not! With a motor-powered louvered roof system by Marygrove Awnings©, there’s no need to climb ladders or perform any manual labor to adjust the angle of the louvers. All it takes is the press of a button. You can also add a rain sensor mechanism, which prompts the panels to close when rain hits. 

Ready to get a custom quote on a louvered roof system for your business? Schedule your free estimate with a Marygrove Awnings© rep now! 

Marygrove Awnings©, an American-based manufacturer in Detroit, provides free on-site estimates and installs louvered roof systems for businesses and residences in Detroit, Chicago, and the surrounding areas in Michigan and Illinois. 

The pros at Marygrove Awnings© can help you measure your area to get a custom size that meets your specifications. We offer free on-site estimates and deliver unbeatable, individualized customer service. 

Still not sure if a louvered roof system is right for you? Contact Marygrove Awnings© today to connect with a representative who can help you choose the best outdoor shading system for your needs. 

At Marygrove Awnings©, we’ve found that customers near the Detroit and Chicago areas prefer having their louvered roof systems installed in the spring, so they’re ready to use throughout summer and fall. 

Ready to get started? Book your free estimate with one of our pros now! 

It’s highly recommended that you follow the instructions from the installation expert about cleaning your louvered roof system. Have a louvered roof without cleaning instructions? Here’s some advice: 

  • Google the different cleaning solutions you can use for the materials of your system. They may differ based on whether you have an aluminum or a wood louvered roof.
  • Rinse the panels of your louvered roof before you begin scrubbing.
  • Use a long-handled brush to avoid balancing on a tall ladder.
  • Be sure to wash all slats individually, getting both the top and bottom side of each.
  • Rinse all soap thoroughly, directing the water away from the house. 

Prices may differ between manufacturers and dealers. Of course, you want the best price for a high-quality roof system, so it’s important to do your research. Avoid home improvement stores like Lowe’s and The Home Depot because DIY louvered roof kits can lead to hospital trips. If a system isn’t properly installed, roof brackets could come loose, causing damage not only to the structure but to you and your loved ones, as well. 

When researching louvered roof systems, it’s important not only to look at the pricing but warranty comparisons, as well. Make sure you know every little detail that each warranty covers. 

And don’t forget about the reviews! Complaints should never be taken lightly. Read each review carefully. Cheap quality louvered roofs often require additional maintenance. If you don’t want to constantly repair loose louvers or broken parts, invest in a reputable brand with professionally crafted products.

Check out the raving reviews of Marygrove Awnings© products. 

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