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Frequently Asked Questions

Adding a Marygrove awning to your home can leave you with a lot of questions. Fortunately, we have compiled a list of FAQs to help give you the answers you need.

The awning fabric should always be completely rolled into the built-in protective housing when not in use to prevent premature deterioration from exposure to the elements. If you notice the fabric cover sticking out of the protective housing when the awning is completely rolled in, there are a few steps you can take to adjust it. First, roll the awning out and make sure it is level on both sides and not pitched down too low before rolling in. Raise the awning to normal, level height before rolling in. If your awning is pitched you can view our video above on how to adjust your pitch to a level setting.  If the awning is still not fully retracting in, contact our Care Team to have a technician perform a quick motor limit adjustment. Do not attempt to roll it in using the manual override feature.

All our retractable awnings are designed for moderate wind. However, you should retract your awning when the winds are strong enough to raise the awning and force the arms to flex. While small amounts of stress will not cause immediate harm, leaving the awning open in excessive, high winds may damage the wall brackets and the arm support brackets. If you do not have a wind sensor installed on your awning, be sure to retract it when not in use. For more information on how our awnings perform in the wind see our blog post here.

Our retractable awnings are designed to shed rainfall with adequate pitch and slope. There are several causes for water build up on your awning, the most common being a lack of pitch due to wall height restrictions. The second most common reason is heavy rain over short periods of time.

Be sure to retract the awning as soon as you notice water pooling on the fabric. The weight of the water can break the arm brackets, stretch the fabric, or bend the support bar – seriously damaging the awning.

Marygrove awning motors have less than 1 percent failure rate after five years. However, if the awning fails to move in either direction, first check that the power cord is securely plugged into the outlet. Then check that the GFI (Ground Fault Interrupter) was not tripped. Next, check that the remote-control light is working when you press the button. If not, replace the battery before proceeding.

The motor has a built-in thermo switch that may be activated after five minutes of continuous use and will take fifteen to twenty minutes to cool down. After the motor cools down, it will function as normal.

If you need to retract your fully extended awning and your motor is not working properly, you can use the manual override. Located at the end of the awning on the same side as the motor, place the crank handle into the black override and turn the loop clockwise until the awning is fully retracted.

If the motor continues to fail it may be within warranty and eligible for replacement. Please give our service team a call and we will send one of our awning techs out to help you.

Throughout the year, your awning is exposed to moisture and the elements. Many new awning frames have metal to metal contact that will wear over time. To eliminate squeaking, simply use a silicone spray or paraffin-based lubricant into the elbow bracket of each arm. Avoid spraying the fabric as it will stain. If the squeaking persists, call for service.

Although the awning structures and fabrics are designed for year-round use, it is advisable to remove the valance at the front of the awning during the winter months. By removing the two screws at the end of the valance bar, slide the valance out of the extrusion and carefully store it until next spring. This will prevent the valance and the piping from fraying due to wind and weather exposure.

If you would like an expert to come out and prepare your awning for the winter, simply contact us and ask about our service gold program. This program is designed to keep your awning in tip top shape, and includes a spring service.

Twice a year, to avoid excessive dirt build up on the fabric and frame, use a mild dish washing soap and a mild spray from the garden hose to keep your awning looking good all year. DO NOT USE A POWER WASHER on the fabric at any time. For more information check out our article on how to clean your awning here.

To ensure a seamless process for installing a retractable awning in an HOA-regulated community, it’s crucial to start by reaching out to your HOA directly. HOAs often have specific protocols for such installations, and failing to adhere to them may result in the removal of the awning or fines. After contacting your HOA, they typically send a modification form that requires details about the intended awning product, installation method, Certificate of Insurance (COI) requirements, and the option to add additional insured parties if necessary. HOAs may also have restrictions on fabric type, color, and frame choices, so thorough review of their requirements is essential. Marygrove is here to assist with this process, offering supplementary materials like renderings, fabric samples, an Awning Visualizer/Composer, past resident experiences, and custom presentations tailored to your HOA’s needs. With over 300+ successful collaborations with HOAs and condo communities, our goal is to simplify the HOA approval process, ensuring you can enjoy your retractable awning hassle-free.

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