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Adjusting the Pitch on Your Retractable Awning

Variable Awning Pitch
Weather changes frequently and it is imperative that your outdoor space is adaptable. Having an awning with an adjustable pitch will help you protect your patio in most weather conditions. Hot sun, moderate rain, or a clear blue day? Marygrove Awnings has you covered. Our awnings are completely adjustable by simply raising or lowering the arms, allowing you a comfortable outdoor space wherever you are!

What is the Pitch and Why is it Important?

When shopping for awnings, you’ll often hear the term, “pitch.” Pitch is the slope or angle of the awning from back to front. Put in another way, it is how much the awning drops when it is fully extended. The pitch of your awning is important because it is how you protect yourself and your patio from the sun and any undesirable weather. Knowing when to adjust the pitch can also improve the longevity of your awning.

Why Would You Change the Pitch of Your Adjustable Awning?

As the sun and the weather change, you’ll want your outdoor space to change with it. To adjust the amount of shade, for weather protection, or to simply change the aesthetic – your outdoor space should be flexible. Marygrove Retractable awnings are adjustable. You can change the pitch with a simple crank and create the perfect environment for any event.

  • Is it raining? Create a steeper pitch to let the water run down the awning. Too much water pooling can damage your awning and your aluminum frame.
  • Extra sunny today? A shallower pitch will increase the amount of shade over your patio. More shade means more protection from the sun and a cooler, more refreshing outdoor space. Furthermore, increasing the amount of shade outside keeps your home cooler – thereby decreasing your energy bill!

How To Adjust the Pitch of Your Retractable Awning

Marygrove Awnings are very simple to adjust. With the provided hand crank you can easily turn the adjustable pitch pin to change the angle of your awning.

  • Retract Your Awning
    You’ll want to retract your awning to 5 feet or less. This creates less tension on the awning and ensures that the arms of your awning will not break.
  • Insert Hand Crank into the Pitch Loop 
    Marygrove makes it easy to change the pitch of your awning with no additional tools required. With the provided hand crank, hook it into the adjustable pitch loop below the shoulder of the awning. As you twist the crank, the pitch will adjust. Adjust until the awning is at the desired height. Do not adjust the pitch more than 20 degrees per side from its factory setting.
  • Repeat on the Other Side 
    Repeat the step above on the other side to the desired degree. You may want the pitch on one side to be a little different from the other to allow for rain to run off one side of the awning. However, before fully retracting your awning – you will need to ensure that the awning is level.
  • Extend Your Awning
    Once your awning has the desired slope, extend your awning and enjoy your outdoor space! When you’re finished and looking to retract the awning, ensure that the awning is level before retracting all the way.

You can watch this video to see how it’s done below:

Looking For An Awning?

Marygrove Awnings are super versatile and are revolutionizing the awnings market. Buying an awning with an easily adjustable pitch will make your life easier and your patio more enjoyable. You can quickly turn the outdoors into an extended part of your home with very little effort. With various sizes and a wide range of colors, awnings are suitable for every home. Want to create an outdoor space where you love to be or boost your home’s equity? With a no-hassle installation and industry-exclusive features like LED lights or eco-friendly fabrics, Marygrove has you covered. Contact us today to have our experts help you find the best spot on your home for an awning that works within your budget.

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