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Which awning material is right for my home?

Black Awning Fabric

Choosing the awning material that is right for your home can be a challenge. With so many options on the market, you need to be certain you’re picking the best materials for your home and climate. You also want to make a selection that flows well with the aesthetic of your home.

Your awning material must be constructed of durable, long-lasting fabric that is able to withstand the elements. Marygrove Awnings uses 100 percent solution-dyed fabrics that provide a host of great features. The center layer of the fabric keeps water out but is still repellant. The fabric is eco-friendly and mildew-resistant, and keeps its color in all climates.

Marygrove awnings use commercial thread that is not damaged by exposure to sunlight, harsh weather or water.

When it comes to the color of your materials, you should find a fabric that complements the least common color of your home’s exterior. For example, if your exterior is brown brick and facia trim is beige, Marygrove recommends a color that complements the trim.

We also suggest selecting a frame and hardware color that complements the home’s gutters, window frame colors and doors. If your window trim and door frames are white, we recommend installing a white frame and hardware.

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