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How to Remove and Maintain Your Awning Valance

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Before we get into discussing how to remove and maintain your awning valance, let’s shine a light on exactly what an awning valance is. An awning valance is the pretty little curtain that hangs down a short distance from the actual awning. It is basically an additional awning that is installed into the outside of the existing main awning.

An awning valance can give your house or business tremendous curb appeal. It’s an attractive feature that is very pleasing to the eye. We have included a video and instructions below on how to remove your awning valance, feel free to reach out to our support team here should you have any questions.

How to Remove Your Awning Valance

Now that we’ve established what an awning valance is, let’s talk about how you can clean and maintain one. In order for your awning to have the longest lifespan possible, you should remove your awning valance for regular cleaning and maintenance.

Removing your awning valance is a simple two-step process. First, starting on either end, use a Phillips-head screwdriver to unscrew the screw and gently remove the cap. Be sure to keep them together. Second, once you’ve removed both end caps, slowly slide the fabric out of the awning. After you’ve pulled the valence completely out of the awning, you’re done with the removal part!

Why You Should Remove Your Awning Valance

Removing your awning valance is important for maintaining your awning, but it’s also a good idea if you live in a colder climate. You should remove your valance for the winter months if you live in an area that has harsh winters. This will prevent it and the piping from fraying due to wind and weather exposure.

How to Clean Your Awning Valance

Cleaning your awning valance is a breeze. First, simply rinse it off. Next, clean the fabric using a solution of diluted Dawn dish soap and soft-bristled brush. Make sure you let your fabric air dry completely before you store it or reinstall it.

Once you’ve removed the fabric, it’s a fantastic idea to clear any dust or fuzz from the valance cover. Keeping the cover clean and clear will ensure that your awning valance and cover will last for many years to come.

Remember to store your awning valance in a dry place that’s out of direct sunlight to prevent water damage and color bleaching. Store the awning valance, end caps and screws together so they’re safely kept in one place.

Now that you know how to remove and clean your awning valance, you can make sure your awning valance will last and keep your home looking its best.

Things Not to Do When Removing and Cleaning Your Awning Valance

In order to allow your awning valance to last many years, there are some critical things to be aware of not to do.

The following list contains some guidance on what not to do when removing and cleaning your awning valance.

  • Do not fold your awning valance. When you fold an awning valance, creases may be introduced. Always make sure to coil the valance instead of folding it.
  • Do not store the screws away from the awning valance. Always keep the screw and cap together once you’ve removed your awning valance.
  • Do not store your awning valance in extreme weather. It is best to store your awning valance completely out of the weather and direct sunlight. By keeping your awning valance in a dry area, you’ll help extend the life of your awning valance.

Summary of How to Remove and Maintain Your Awning Valance

An awning valance will set off your awning and outdoor area in an aesthetically pleasing way that’ll add beauty to your home’s exterior.

Now that you’re clear on how best to remove your awning valance and maintain it, you’re in position to get extra enjoyment and mileage out of your awning valance.

By properly removing, cleaning and storing your awning valance, you’ll stand to benefit from it for many years.

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