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Best Awnings for Windy Areas

Best Awnings for Wind

Adding a retractable awning to your home has many benefits: welcome and much-needed sun protection, an improved environment for outdoor entertaining, and added curb appeal for your patio or deck.

If you live in an area prone to high wind conditions, you may not have considered adding a retractable awning to your outdoor space because of concerns about the risk of high wind damage to your investment during inclement weather. Fortunately, with the right materials and design choices, you can enjoy the benefits of a retractable awning even if you live in a windy area. Below we will examine some of the key awning features that help determine the best awnings for windy areas. We will also learn how much wind you can expect a high-quality retractable awning to withstand.

Finding the Best Awnings for Windy Areas

Retractable vs. Fixed

When choosing an awning for a windy area, a motorized retractable awning will be the best option. Fixed fabric awnings, as their name indicates, are fixed in place and face constant sun exposure. Over time, this can weaken the fabric and reduce how much wind fixed awnings can withstand. In comparison, a retractable awning can be stowed away when not in use, reducing wear on the components and fabric. And since it can be retracted during high winds, it will be much less susceptible to damage.

Basic Features

When selecting the best retractable awning for a windy area, begin by looking for certain features to ensure longevity and performance. You should prioritize finding an awning with a reinforced metal frame and high quality fabric. If designing your new awning from scratch, discuss your need for a retractable awning that can withstand strong winds with the manufacturer’s design representative. They can help guide you in selecting the right fabric options, frame materials, and mounting hardware so you can be confident in your awning’s wind resistance.

All Marygrove retractable awnings start with an in-person visit from a salesperson who will go over the wide range of materials available, so you can have confidence that the custom built awning you design for your home will meet your requirements, including wind resistance. While even the best retractable awning can’t withstand hurricane force winds, the right materials can maximize your awning’s resistance to irregular gusts.

Wind Resistance Ratings

When comparing wind resistant awnings, ask what wind speeds each awning is designed to withstand. Marygrove’s retractable awnings are rated for wind speeds of 25 mph, and to allow for a safety margin, never allow your awning to be exposed to winds blowing at or above 20 mph. This wind rating is equal to or better than most retractable awnings on the market. To maintain your awning, always retract it before bad weather and high winds arrive. Whatever retractable awning you choose, be sure you know the awning’s wind resistance, and never expose it to heavy rain or high-speed winds.

Advanced Features to Make Your Retractable Awning Wind Resistant

In addition to selecting quality materials to make your retractable awning wind resistant, what other features should you include on your awning checklist to maximize performance in windy conditions?

Wind Sensors: Automatic Protection From High Wind Speeds

Imagine that you forgot to retract your awning and a windstorm hits while you’re away. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a device on your retractable awning to detect high winds and automatically retract the awning for you, protecting your investment from wind damage? Fortunately, there is such a device. It’s called a wind sensor. Marygrove offers a battery powered sensor for their motorized awnings that will alert and retract your awning if high winds are too great for the awning to safely handle. When your awning is installed, the installation team will guide you through setting up and programming this sensor for your needs.

Wind sensors are also valuable because you may not realize that the wind speeds are becoming dangerously high for your retractable awning. On the Beaufort Scale rating (a measurement of wind speed) a 24 mph wind would still be defined as a “fresh breeze”. In other words, dangerously high winds in retractable awning terms may not feel dangerous to you until it’s too late. A wind sensor knows the wind rating for your awning and can prevent accidents caused by high winds.

Finally, not only does a wind sensor protect your awning from damage, it can also keep your awning in compliance with the manufacturer’s warranty. Marygrove retractable awnings are covered by a 10-year limited warranty on the structural supports (lateral arms, the square bar, the front bar and all other attached supports), the roller bar, and the fabric provided that the components are not subjected to excessive winds or water pooling on the fabric. Adding an available wind or motion sensor to your retractable awning will help keep your awning in compliance with the warranty by allowing a motorized awning to automatically retract during high winds. This automation is a major advantage of a motorized awning when compared to a manual retractable awning.

Wind Poles: Helping Your Awning Withstand Wind

If you live in an area that sees frequent windy conditions, also consider adding wind poles to your retractable awning. These poles will stabilize the front bar of your retractable awning and help keep the awning from shifting up and down in mild wind speeds, reducing stress on the frame, fasteners, and fabric while allowing your retractable awning to withstand wind. Marygrove can help you design an awning that incorporates wind poles seamlessly to improve the wind resistance of your retractable awning.

Installation: The Forgotten Piece

Retractable Awning Installer

Finally, don’t forget the importance of an experienced and professional installation for wind resistant awnings. A high quality retractable awning may find its weakest link is in how it was installed on your home. Marygrove understands the importance of a quality installation, and we install our awnings instead of using outside contractors. You can be sure that your Marygrove awning will be installed by an expert team that will bring care and expertise to the job, maximizing all aspects of its performance, including wind resistance.

Don't Let Wind Inhibit Your Awning Dreams

If you choose wisely when selecting your retractable awning, you can enjoy your outdoor living space year round for many years to come, under a wind resistant awning that will provide UV protection and curb appeal while withstanding mild winds. You can also have peace of mind that with the right accessories, a motorized retractable awning will be able to safeguard itself from strong winds. Contact us if you’re ready to begin designing your new wind resistant retractable awning today!

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