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Why Your Business Needs a Marygrove Commercial Awning

Outdoor Seating Area With Fixed Awning

If it’s time to update or renovate your business, you should consider adding a Marygrove awning! The addition of a commercial awning can increase your business’s curb appeal and its revenue.

Business Expansion

A great way to expand your business without new construction on another room is to add a Marygrove awning. Our commercial awnings not only make great first impressions, they also increase your seating capabilities! Many customers prefer to dine outside, and if the patio is properly covered and heated, they can sit outside year-round. Adding a commercial awning is also a great option if your restaurant is on a limited budget or landlocked.

Free Design Mockups

We are committed to helping you select the best awning for your business. Every commercial awning prospect receives a free, full design mockup. Valued at $250, this design mockup is crafted by our artists using hand-drawn sketches and marker renderings. All canopy orders include custom-designed frames to meet load and owner specifications.

From free design to expert installation, Marygrove is your awning provider.

Trusted Excellence

Marygrove Awnings is a loyal and dedicated family-owned and operated company. We are committed to providing excellent customer service from the initial phone call to the last bolt installation. For over 90 years, Marygrove has been an outstanding resource for the finest ready-to-install awnings and facades.

We also have a member Master Fabric license holder MFC with IFAI, making us the only awning company in Michigan to have this certification.

Expanding your business is as simple as calling Marygrove Awnings. We’ll be with you every step of the way and make sure you receive the best awning possible for your business!

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