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How to Find High-Quality Commercial-Grade Awnings

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The saying that “You get what you pay for” is certainly true when it comes to finding high-quality commercial-grade awnings. But with so many choices to choose from, you may be wondering how will you find the commercial-grade awning that will withstand the elements while serving your business for many years to come. If you’ve been asking yourself this, then you have come to the right place to find the answers.

If finding the right commercial-grade awning was as simple as matching your budget to an awning of that price, it would be an easy choice. And many people wrongfully do this, without taking into account other factors that will get you the best commercial-grade awning for your money.

If you are feeling a bit frustrated, have no worry. Let’s take a look at some simple steps you can take to make sure you get the commercial-grade awning that’s right for you and your business.

Explore Awning Companies’ Reputation and Reviews

Finding the perfect commercial grade awning begins with sourcing a reputable awning company. Because not all commercial awning manufacturers are the same, it can be a challenging process to select a commercial awning company that not only supplies quality products but also friendly customer service.

One way to explore the reputation of commercial awning manufacturers is through customer feedback. Commercial awning reviews point out the worth of an awning company as well as disadvantages customers may encounter. Ideally, a reputable awning company should have positive reviews regarding awning value, customer service and awning turnaround time.

Marygrove Awnings, a leader among commercial awning manufacturers, has received numerous positive reviews from commercial businesses and residential homeowners. Here are just a few reviews left by the many satisfied Marygrove Awnings customers:

  • “The gentleman showing up for the estimate was very friendly and knowledgeable, and installation day came sooner than expected. Very happy!”
  • “I was very pleased with [the] service I received—the sales rep was friendly and helpful! The awning is beautiful, and the installers were very professional.”
  • “Best investment we have made. Awning is phenomenal. Everything is beyond expectations. Would highly recommend the product and company!!!!!!”

Scope out Awning Design for Models That Meet Your Appearance and Functionality Vision

Commercial grade awnings come in an array of designs, ranging from storefront awnings and metal standing seam awnings to outdoor seating awnings and louvered roofs. Because each awning design serves a unique purpose for businesses, it’s a necessary step to determine which type of awning you’re leaning toward for your facility.

Just as each awning design has its own traits and features, some commercial grade awnings are more durable or versatile than others. Metal standing seam awnings, for instance, are the strongest variety of commercial awnings and are built to withstand the elements for several decades. Commercial grade retractable awnings, although not as solid as metal awnings, offer flexibility for businesses, making them a great choice for companies seeking a versatile awning design.

Before purchasing a commercial awning, take the time to evaluate the awning material and design to determine which awning will best suit your business. A quality commercial awning will likely last for several years and hence should meet your vision.

Consider Custom Commercial Awning Options

Among the many considerations to contemplate when selecting commercial grade awnings is custom design awnings. The ability to have your awning customized is an important feature, as it enables you to design your awning in a way that meets your vision.

Although an awning company may provide an assortment of awning options, it’s quite difficult if not impossible to design the awning of your dreams without exploring custom-made awnings. Custom awnings for business are available in a wide selection of designs, including custom metal awnings, custom canvas awnings, custom storefront awnings and custom retractable awnings.

Choosing to design your own awning allows you to tailor the commercial awning to fit your business’ needs. Perhaps your facility requires a custom awning and sign to promote the brand name or maybe your shop could benefit from being spruced up with custom motorized awnings. Whatever the case may be, affordable custom awnings are an excellent type of commercial awnings to consider investing in.

Weigh Awning Materials and Design With Awning Price

At first glance, all commercial grade awnings may seem to be of great value and quality. Because awning price doesn’t always match with awning design, it’s extremely important to weigh the awning material and design with awning cost.

Awning quality goes much deeper than exterior awning appearance. Although an awning design may appear to be in excellent condition, the materials used during the crafting process is what separates durable awnings from poorly constructed awnings. In the same way, expensive commercial awning prices don’t always mean top-quality commercial grade awnings. Rather than focusing on the awning cost, a buyer should consider if the awning design is of value.

When selecting commercial grade awnings, remember that all awning prices are different. Commercial metal awning prices likely will be much different from motorized retractable awning prices. Similarly, aluminum awning prices may contrast from a louvered awnings price or pergola awning price.

Gauge Customer Service, the Hidden Feature Behind High-Quality Commercial-Grade Awnings

The final step to gauging the worth of commercial-grade awnings is reviewing customer service. A reputable awning company should be more than happy to aid you in selecting the ideal awning design for your establishment. Moreover, customer service representatives should offer informative suggestions when providing you with awning options.

As previously mentioned, reviewing an awning company’s customer feedback can help you source an awning manufacturer with friendly and helpful customer service. Although customer service may seem insignificant when purchasing the best awning, it is the hidden feature behind high-quality commercial grade awnings that affects your overall awning experience.

Are you searching for a commercial awning company that excels in all the aforementioned high-quality commercial-grade awning characteristics? You’ve found it with Marygrove Awnings, a premier commercial awning company for more than 80 years!

Marygrove Awnings has received countless spirited reviews from customers pleased with our commercial awning design. In addition to offering endless awning options, Marygrove Awnings provides custom awnings designed to suit the needs of your business. At Marygrove Awnings, we craft awnings from high-quality materials and offer commercial grade awnings at extremely affordable Marygrove awning prices. Finally, we provide extraordinary customer service and will tirelessly work with you to create the awning of your dreams.

Ready to fall in love with your custom-designed Marygrove Awning? Contact us today for a high-quality commercial grade awning and an incredible awning experience!

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