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Marygrove to Produce Face Shields and Face Masks for the Medical Community


LIVONIA, Michigan – Marygrove Awnings is converting a portion of their 15,000 square-foot Livonia manufacturing facility to produce face shields and face masks for the medical community in order to help combat the COVID-19 virus. The family-owned company is relying upon their longtime expertise in manufacturing and sourcing of materials. They’ve provided residential and commercial awnings to Michigan and other Midwest communities since 1933.

“We are a family-owned and operated business.  We saw a need, we have the know-how and we have the right team. There was no question that we were going to help,” says owner Mike Falahee. 

After developing various prototypes of the face shield, Marygrove designed a shield using heavy-weight clear polymer sheeting, typically used in commercial awning fabrication.

“Our process includes cutting the polymer sheets on our large, automated cutting machine and then assembling the shields with adhesive foam, metal grommets, and Velcro,” explains Jasen Falahee, director of manufacturing. 

The fabric used for the face masks is a thicker, thermo material, which adds more protection and comfort.  The mask pattern is also uploaded to their automated cutting machine and hundreds of masks can be cut at one time.  The organization also has converted their sewing machines, usually used in awning fabrication, for production of the masks.

The Wayne County Sheriff’s office picked up a supply of the shields Thursday morning. The company’s initial batches have already been donated to Livonia Police, University of Toledo Hospital, Detroit Metro Airport Security, and many hospitals, and nurses in the area. Marygrove is in discussions with other essential workers that may benefit from the face shields and masks.

The company can currently produce 1,000 face shields and masks per day and intends to increase production according to demand. 

“It’s a real win-win situation.  We are helping our community and we are keeping our team employed.  Of course, our main concern is the health and safety of everyone,” says Jasen Falahee.

For requests, or more information, call 800-44-AWNING.

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