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Retractable Screens

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Privacy Screens

Designed with a woven mesh fabric, our privacy screens are designed to give you personal space away from neighbors and any passers-by. Made with PVC-coated fiberglass, our fabric is energy efficient and environmentally friendly and ensures your outdoor space is cozy with added privacy on your lawn or terrace.

Our retractable privacy screens shade the opening of windows and patios. While a fence may provide more permanent privacy, our privacy screens can be used only when you want them. Simply retract them when you want more privacy and to provide shade from the sun and respite from any pests. These semi-transparent privacy screens allow fresh air in and will create a sense of enjoyment on your porch or patio all year long.

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Benefits of an Outdoor Privacy Screen

Completely Customizable

At Marygrove, our design experts are more than happy to work with you to create a privacy screen that perfectly fits your windows and openings. Our team will walk you through the process from start to end, listening to your needs and suggesting the best options for you. 

Protects Your Furniture

Thanks to our PVC-coated fiberglass properties, a Marygrove privacy screen is designed to block UV rays that could fade your interior furnishings and even your carpet if exposed for too long. Our privacy screen panels offer you privacy and comfort, while still providing clear visibility.

Take In The View

If you don’t want to see them when your windows are closed, simply adjust your own screens up or down with one hand. They are perfectly discreet when rolled up and our window screens will outlast traditional screens because they do not have to endure the weather year-round.

Operate With Ease

Marygrove privacy screen panels are easy for anyone to operate. No longer do you have to deal with bulky window screens, with the click of a button you can roll them right up.

Say Goodbye to Bugs

Every privacy screen is designed with a mesh fabric, woven in a grid pattern, stopping all bugs from entering. You can host all year long without ever worrying about being eaten alive sitting outside later in the evening. Learn more about our bug screens here.

Protecting The Environment

Our PVC fiberglass fabric is incredibly energy proficient because of its ability to counter hot and cold weather. This could ultimately lead to lower heating and cooling bills due to our privacy screens. Also, fiberglass is well known for being durable and built to last for decades, resulting in less waste for landfills.

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Enjoy Your Patio with Marygrove

At Marygrove, we offer a variety of retractable screen solutions! With many uses, retractable privacy screens can provide shade for any window, door, or patio, and offer an instant private patio space. Retractable screens are a great way to get outside yet still have some of the comforts of the indoors

We have screen options in standard and custom sizes, fitting most windows and doors. The woven mesh is great for natural cooling, is extremely durable, and is perfect to add a little privacy to your outdoor garden.

Frequently Asked Questions About Privacy Screens

Simple to use, with one click of a button you can bring your screen up or down over your windows, or any entry. The mesh fiberglass fabric neatly retracts around itself to give a seamless look to your home.

Yes! Windows, doors, frames, and any other entryway can have an insect screen installed. Our woven mesh will easily fit over any opening and keep insects out! Unlike a fence, a privacy screen will allow you privacy while also allowing you to see your beautiful garden.

The price of our privacy screens is based on the size and quantity of windows and entryways you need to install. To receive more information and the most accurate estimate for your home, please contact our customer support team at 1-800-442-9646 to schedule an appointment.

After we form a plan for your home and understand the screens you want to install, Marygrove will schedule an appointment with you and come to your home to take care of the entire installation process. After installing, we will ensure that all your questions are answered and that you are fully comfortable with your new screens and how to use them. No tools are required!

Our privacy screens will not have to be cleaned nearly as often as a store-bought traditional screen, simply because they won’t have to endure the elements every day of every year. 

Here’s how to clean them: begin by brushing off the easy stuff with a microfiber towel. Then, gently run water over them with a hose to eliminate any excess dirt. Finally, mix some water with an all-purpose cleaner and lightly scrub with a sponge.

Rinse and repeat until they are really clean, and lightly dab them on a towel to let them dry. Inspect the mechanics of your retractable outdoor shades regularly to make sure there is no rust or damage. Do not use a power washer to clean the screens.

When traditional privacy screens for windows, doors or other structures are properly installed, you can expect them to last about 10 years or more. Our retractable exterior window screens are capable of lasting up to 30 years as long as they are taken care of properly and rolled up when not in use.

Yes! Made out of PVC-coated fiberglass fabric, a privacy screen is incredibly energy proficient because of its ability to counter hot and cold weather. This could ultimately lead to lower heating and cooling bills. As part of our commitment to energy-saving technology, Marygrove privacy screens have a unique construction that allows excellent ventilation, which keeps your home cooler and more comfortable.

They do! Just ask our many happy customers! Our privacy screens are perfect for creating personal space and keeping unwanted attention out of your garden. Our exterior retractable shades, unlike a normal fence, still allow you to see your backyard from the comfort of your deck but provide added privacy for comfort and relaxation.

Avoid DIY box kits from the average home improvement stores like Lowe’s or Home Depot. A home improvement store won’t send a seasoned pro to install your screen and installation is no easy task. No zip ties here!

If you want a privacy screen that will last, buy from a top-rated screen supplier that offers on-site installation. Pricing differs from out-of-the-box products and quality awnings by a reputable awning manufacturer, but if you do your research and read the awning reviews, you’re sure to find good deals and promotions.

The experts at Marygrove Awnings® have got you covered. We can help determine the best spot on your home for each privacy screen. We offer no-hassle installation of our screens that fit your budget and allow you to easily customize your outdoor entertainment area. Our goal is to make the installation and user experience as hands-free for you as possible. If you’re ready, contact our customer support team to get rolling.

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