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For A Limited Time Get Free LED Lights On Your Retractable Awning - $500 in value!

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All Awnings Are Fully Loaded and Include:

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Happy Customers

Our customers are our biggest fans. Below are some video testimonials we’ve been sent.

Customer Testimonial
Working with our sales team, Connie was able to create a custom shade application that fit her needs. A high-quality retractable awning from Marygrove allowed Connie to use her patio regardless of the weather or conditions.
Connie Lockhart
Customer Testimonial
When a normal patio umbrella couldn’t provide enough shade, Mindy reached out to Marygrove for a retractable awning that gave her everything she wanted and more. Now, Mindy and her dog Daisy can enjoy her back patio all day long, rain or shine.
Mindy Tietz
Customer Testimonial
When an ice storm took down the Camilleri’s only tree that provided shade in their backyard, Marygrove was the first place they called. After upgrading with a bug screen a year later, their house has become the place to be for friends and family in the summer.
The Camilleris
Customer Testimonial
Pat and her husband were planning an outdoor gathering space and had to find a solution to the harsh afternoon sun. After seeing one of her neighbor’s Marygrove, she knew exactly what to do. Now, she can enjoy her gardening, grilling, and hosting all under the comfort of a retractable awning.
Pat Spreen
Customer Testimonial
With no trees to offer protection from the sun, Johanna reached out to Marygrove to find a solution that fit her style. After working with the service team, Johanna can host any company she wants on her back deck – even in the rain.
Johanna Flack
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