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Types of Commercial Awnings

Want to enhance your business with a commercial awning? Well, you have certainly come to the right place. We’ll reveal the different types of commercial awnings and awning ideas for business to consider.

There are many advantages to installing a commercial awning at your facility. Firstly, commercial awnings increase the visibility of your business and, as a result, allows you to generate more income. Another benefit of commercial awnings is that they expand your outdoor seating space. Lastly, commercial awnings shelter your customers from the weather as well as protect the windows of your business from the elements. In short, installing a commercial awning is an investment quickly returned for your business.

Ready to discover the different types of commercial awnings for businesses?

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Different Types of Commercial Awnings to Improve Businesses’ Appearance and Functionality

There is a wide range of commercial awning types to consider installing for your business. From storefront awnings to rolling shutters, the types of commercial awnings to choose from are great in number.

In addition to the many different types of commercial awnings we have to choose from, Marygrove offers a wide selection of fabrics, colors and patterns to decide on. We can also custom-design your commercial awning to match the color scheme of your business.

Storefront Awnings

Want to improve your facility’s visibility and appearance? If so, a storefront awning may be just what you’re looking for. Storefront awnings can be designed to match your business’s colors, thus allowing customers to easily recognize your shop.

Our storefront awnings are made with high-grade materials, ensuring they will withstand even the harshest weather. Interested in installing a Marygrove storefront awning? Learn more about our commercial restractable awnings.

Outdoor Seating Awnings

Create a comfortable atmosphere for customers with an outdoor seating awning. Commonly installed at restaurants, outdoor seating awnings shelter guests from the weather while still providing excellent ventilation and a comfortable temperature. Investing in an outdoor seating awning also allows you to generate more income, as you can expand your outdoor seating season and capacity.

Our outdoor seating awnings are compatible with our versatile rolling screens. Whether it’s rain or shine, our outdoor seating awnings are certain to provide a pleasant environment for guests. Learn more about Marygrove’s outdoor seating awnings.

Different Types of Commercial Awnings

Commercial awnings can make wonderful additions to businesses of all kinds, whether you operate a restaurant, nail salon, yoga studio or other kind of business. Besides sheltering customers from the weather, commercial awnings make your business more attractive and noticeable.

Let’s explore the different types of commercial awnings for businesses.

Restaurant Patio Awnings

Want to create a comfortable environment for guests as they dine? A restaurant patio awning enables you to expand your outdoor seating area while still providing a pleasant temperature for customers.

Our restaurant patio awnings come in an assortment of designs. Outdoor seating awnings are a popular choice, as guests can enjoy the fresh air without being exposed to the elements. Retractable awnings, smoking shelters, louvered roofs and window shades are other options that make great additions to restaurants of all sizes.

Pizza Shop and Deli Awnings

Looking for a pizza shop awning to spruce up your business? Pizza shop awnings help improve the visibility and curb appeal of your pizza shop. What’s more, we can add your logo to the awning so customers can easily find your establishment.

In addition to pizza shop awnings, we also design deli awnings. From simple solid-color awnings to bright patterned canopies, the sky’s the limit for designing a deli awning to complement your business.

Nail Salon Awnings 

Want to enhance your nail salon with a Marygrove awning? Our nail salon awnings spruce up the exterior of your business while providing a place for customers to get out of the weather before entering your salon.

Our nail salon awnings are available in a plethora of fabrics and styles, enabling you to choose a design that best suits your business. No matter the size of your business, the awning ideas to choose from are endless.

Massage Parlor Awnings

Do you want to boost the curb appeal of your massage parlor? Our awnings make fabulous additions to massage parlors, as they enhance your business and attract customers. They also prevent rain and snow from reaching the entrance of your massage parlor.

Our massage parlor awnings can be designed to match your business’s color scheme. Whatever kind of awning you’re looking for, we can customize it to fit your needs.

Yoga Studio Awnings

Deck up your yoga studio and attract business with a yoga studio awning. Our yoga studio awnings make your establishment noticeable and easy to find. Additionally, the walkway for entering your building will be kept dry, thus preventing safety issues involved with slippery floors.

We can custom-design your awning to coordinate with your yoga studio’s colors and designs. We also offer a variety of high-quality fabrics to choose from.

Summing up: Types of Commercial Awnings

In summary, the types of commercial awnings to choose from are practically endless. Whether you own a restaurant, pizza shop, massage parlor or any other professional business, our commercial awnings will complement your business in a professional and attractive way.

Ready to have your Marygrove commercial awning installed? Contact us today and we’ll create a commercial awning you will be proud of!

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