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Why a Retractable Awning is Perfect For Your Hot Tub

A hot tub is a luxury that makes everyone feel at ease and relaxed. It’s the perfect way to release stress after a long day or during precious downtime. Retractable awnings for hot tub spaces can make this luxury all the better.

A Practical Way to Shelter Your Outdoor Spa

Whether your heated spa is close to your house on a patio, or out in your garden near a building, a retractable awning will offer both shade from the sun and cover from light rain.
A retractable awning is perfect for variable types of weather, offering a fabric roof that’s able to modify to your need for shade or for sun.
This kind of covering is also a great investment, adding value to your house. It’s not all about the money, but it is about a quality living experience. People want to have a home that is inviting and comforting, and awnings provide that comfort.
Outdoor spaces can become extensions of the living spaces with awnings. When creating a luxurious and also practical outdoor living area around your hot tub, awnings are a great solution.

The Most Versatile Outdoor Covering

One of the best things about retractable awnings is their incredible versatility. They can roll out to shelter the outdoor spa during stormy days when a drizzle of rain would otherwise keep you inside, or during a snow flurry so that you can enjoy winter hot tub time.
However, sometimes you want to visit your outdoor spa and enjoy the view unobstructed. This is one of the great ways that a retractable awning works for a spa. You can have privacy when you want it, or you can roll it back and enjoy a beautiful sky. Whatever works for you, whenever it works for you.

Get the Privacy You're Looking For

One of the best parts of a hot tub is using it privately. Sliding into that bubbling water in a swimsuit isn’t something that you want everyone to be able to see.
An awning allows you to enjoy the open air without the fear of neighbors seeing you from the upper stories of their close by homes. You’ll like how much more comfortable you feel in your hot tub, and how you can shield your personal details from prying eyes.
Because a retractable awning is basically an extension of your roof, it offers even more privacy than a gazebo. This is especially true if your hot tub is situated on a patio near your house. Awnings provide the perfect privacy protection for homeowners with outdoor spas.

Protect Your Hot Tub Cover From Sun Damage

Hot tub covers are incredibly important for preserving the temperature of the hot tub. Keeping a cover on lowers the cost to operate a hot tub or spa, whether it’s on a patio or in a garden space.
The problem is that jacuzzi covers are expensive. Not only are they expensive, but the vinyl material they are made of can get dried out and crack in the hot summer sun. The moisture below and the cooking rays of the sun are a recipe for damage.
A retractable awning over an outdoor hot tub will protect the cover from harsh solar rays, and it will improve the lifespan of this pricey hot tub essential.

Extend the Use of Your Hot Tub With a Retractable Awning

Hot tubs can technically be used all year round, but it’s not always very comfortable to use them when the weather is incredibly hot outside.
For those sweltering days, you can turn your hot tub down to around 90 degrees and roll out a retractable awning in the morning or evening to continue using your hot tub even when it would otherwise be too warm outside to enjoy. With this method, a hot tub can be refreshing even on warm summer days.

Relaxing in The Rain

A retractable awning can really come in handy on rainy days when you want to use the hot tub.
Though a fabric awning isn’t designed to protect against a downpour, it’s perfect for a light afternoon shower or a drizzle that would normally send you inside and away from your jacuzzi. It’s one of the best options out there if you want to keep using your hot tub during times that it would normally be impossible.

Outdoor Protection That Can be Rolled In

If you live in an area that experiences high winds or heavy rains, the beauty of a retractable awning is that it can be rolled in. This allows you to be free from worry, especially if you use an easy to install wind sensor that will roll the top in automatically.
Retractable awnings with built in wind sensors save you the trouble of having to check the weather on google when you’re away from home. These simple devices monitor the movement of the awning and pull it in when gusts are at a set level.

Taking it Easy in the Snow

One of the best things about a hot tub is going out for a warm plunge in the cold air of winter! Having a retractable awning over your hot tub means that you can go out and sit comfortably as the snowflakes fall down without getting covered in them.
Bringing a book out to relax while sitting in a hot tub on a cold winter day is one of the sweetest possible ways to enjoy your home. Even on the coldest days, this kind of relaxation feels amazing when you open up a good book.

Choose the Hot Tub Solution That Works For You

A retractable awning is a great way to choose a covering solution that fits your budget and helps you enjoy your hot tub in a whole new way. Using a retractable awning over your hot tub or spa will protect your investment as well as extend the available time for you to use your space.
Consider a Marygrove retractable awning to not only improve your home spa experience today, but to enjoy it frequently throughout the year.

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