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How to Winterize a Retractable Awning

Awning in Backyard

Winterizing your awning is an important part of regular awning maintenance. While the structure of Marygrove awnings is designed to be used year round, it’s a good idea to prepare for the colder months with these tips.

  • Heavy frost is a good indicator that it will soon be time to winterize your awning. Do not try to extend your awning while it is covered with frost. Instead, wait until the frost is completely melted to use it. Trying to use it while it’s still frozen could damage the motor or the fabric.
  • Before it becomes too cold to use your awning, it’s a good idea to thoroughly clean it. Using diluted Dawn dish soap and a soft bristle brush, gently clean your awning and wipe down the frame.
  • It’s also recommended to remove your awning valance for the winter. Removing it will help protect it from wind and weather damage.
  • Throughout the winter, you should keep your awning cover and motor clean by clearing off heavy snow and ice buildups. Water from the melted snow and ice can damage your awning.

Additional Tips

  • Clean fabric or brush off loose dirt. (Dry completely if washing.)
  • Makes sure your awning is completely closed.
  • Unplug your awning. (This is not required but make sure the remote is put away and cannot be touched by anything.)

Remember to keep an eye on the weather and prepare your awning for winter so it will have the longest lifespan possible and you’ll be able to enjoy years of shady outdoor fun.

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