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The Best Commercial Awnings for Different Industries

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Are you interested in installing a commercial awning at your facility? Whether you’re searching for outdoor seating awnings to expand restaurant seating space, or you’re leaning towards window shades for office buildings, commercial retractable awnings offer numerous benefits to a wide range of businesses.

When it comes to choosing the best commercial awning for businesses, there is a large selection of awning options to consider. Storefront awnings and outdoor seating awnings are just a few of the many commercial awnings crafted for different industries.

If you’re struggling to decide upon the best commercial awning for your facility, you have come to the right place. Today, we’ll explore in detail the many different types of commercial awnings for businesses and how they benefit a variety of industries.

How a Commercial Awning Can Benefit Your Business

There are several benefits to installing a commercial awning at your facility. Not only do commercial awnings boost curb appeal and increase visibility, but they also create a safe environment for guests by preventing wet-umbrella messes inside your establishment.

One of the greatest benefits of commercial awnings for businesses is improved visibility and increased customer traffic. A commercial awning’s bold appearance provides an effective branding solution for a variety of businesses ranging from restaurants and cafés to stores and offices.

A business awning may also expand a business’s seating capacity by increasing outdoor seating space. Additionally, commercial awnings encourage customers to close umbrellas outside rather than in the facility, thus preventing slippery floors inside your establishment.

In short, the benefits a business can reap from commercial awnings are practically endless. Whether you’re interested in a restaurant awning for your diner or a storefront awning for your shop, commercial awnings are a valuable investment to a variety of businesses.

Industries That Use Commercial Awnings

There are many industries that can benefit from installing a commercial awning. Restaurants, offices, stores, and hospitals are just some of the many businesses that seek the incredible advantages commercial awnings offer.

Because every type of awning is unique, it’s important to consider which type of commercial awning will best suit your business’s needs. By choosing the proper awning for your industry, you can maximize your branding opportunities while providing increased comfort for guests.

Below, let’s take a closer look at the best commercial awning types for certain industries.

Commercial Awnings for Restaurants

Restaurants are one of the many industries that can significantly benefit from the addition of a business awning. Restaurant awnings create a comfortable space for customers by increasing air circulation while blocking intense UV rays.

Commercial awnings for restaurants come in an assortment of designs, ranging from louvered roofs and retractable pergolas to outdoor seating awnings and window shades. Crafted specifically for restaurants, these commercial awning types allow fresh air and sunlight to enter the building to create a pleasant dining experience for guests.

Restaurant Seating Awnings

Commercial Awnings for Offices

Among the many industries that may benefit from commercial awnings are office buildings. Commercial awnings for offices are uniquely designed to provide adequate air ventilation while preventing UV rays from entering the building.

Rolling shutters are one of the many types of awnings designed for commercial buildings such as offices. Built to protect windows from the weather, rolling shutters add extra security to businesses while also reducing the amount of sunlight entering the building. Additionally, rolling shutters may prevent heat loss during the colder months, thus reducing heating costs.

Another type of shade solution commonly used at offices is window shades, also referred to as solar screens. Similar to rolling shutters, window shades reduce the amount of direct sunlight entering the building to lower cooling costs during the summer months.

In addition to blocking direct sunlight in buildings, commercial solar screens for businesses improve the air quality of offices, as well as other industries. A window shade’s structure is extremely adaptable to the weather, allowing the screens to be adjusted if a storm should pop up suddenly.

Commercial Awnings for Stores and Boutiques

Businesses interested in enhancing their stores and boutiques will likely appreciate the alluring appearance of commercial storefront awnings. Because a commercial awning has the power to make an excellent first impression on customers, storefront awnings are crafted to stand out among the competition.

Storefront awnings feature bold, stylish patterns and designs to lure in tourists and passersby. In addition to their captivating appearances, commercial awnings for stores may feature your brand’s name and logo, allowing your business to leave a permanent mark in the community.

While storefront awnings are beneficial to a variety of businesses, they are most commonly displayed at stores and shops such as boutiques. A commercial awning’s structure not only draws in customers but also provides a space for stores to display items outside.

Storefront Awnings

Commercial Awnings for Hospitals

Not all commercial awnings are for appearance only. Many commercial awnings are also incredibly functional, such as commercial awnings for hospitals. This type of awning is highly appreciated by medical centers, as commercial awnings provide much-needed protection for patients arriving in an ambulance. By installing a commercial awning at the hospital, a patient’s transition from the emergency vehicle to the medical facility may be less traumatic, especially during inclement weather.

In addition to sheltering individuals in emergency situations, commercial awnings for hospitals may create a safe environment for visitors and staff by preventing slippery floors at entrances. Furthermore, commercial awnings may offer a comfortable space for individuals by providing shade and rain protection at the facility.

Metal standing seam awnings are the most preferred type of awning for facilities such as hospitals. Their sturdy structure is long-lasting and capable of withstanding the elements for several decades. In addition to being extremely durable, metal awnings for hospitals are built with heavy-duty materials that require very little maintenance.

Are you still searching for the best commercial awning for your establishment? Marygrove Awnings is here to help! Not only do we offer high-quality awnings and a quick turnaround time, but we craft commercial awnings for a number of industry types ranging from restaurants and stores to hospitals and office buildings. Additionally, we offer custom awning options for businesses with specific needs and desires.

No matter what type of commercial awning you’re interested in, Marygrove Awnings is here to make the process simple. Contact us today to learn more about our awning types for commercial businesses!

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