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Choosing the Right Fabric for your Retractable Awning

choosing the right retractable awning fabric - Marygrove Awnings

Retractable awnings are becoming more and more popular in the United States. They can be found on homes, offices, restaurants, and more! They’re a great way to add shade to your patio. Whether you have one or are considering purchasing one, it is important to know about your retractable awning fabric options. There are many different types of fabric that you could choose from – but not all fabrics will do well with retractable awnings. In this article we will go over what retractable awnings are, what you should consider when choosing your fabric type, and why acrylic and vinyl fabrics work best with these devices.

What are Retractable Awnings?

Retractable awnings are movable covers that provide protection from the sun or rain for an opening, such as a door or window. They are installed at the top of these openings and retract back inside when not in use.

Retractable awnings are a great addition to any home or business because they provide shade in the summer and protection from rain. They also protect surfaces from sun damage, which is a problem that can arise with any outdoor furniture or other surface made of wood or metal.

Benefits of Retractable Awnings

Installing retractable awnings at your home will have many advantages. Residential retractable awnings turn outdoor spaces into prime spots for friends and family to gather. Furthermore, more weather-resistant materials like acrylic and vinyl help protect furniture from rain, snow, and other harsh elements while also lowering energy costs associated with air conditioning throughout the year.

Retractable awnings come in many different colors to match your building’s exterior style, as well!

retracted awning - choosing the right awning fabric - Marygrove Awnings

What are the Components of Retractable Awnings?

Retractable awnings consist mainly of two parts: frames and fabrics. Frames come primarily in aluminum or steel tubing so they won’t snap when strong winds hit them hard after days without rain; these materials also make it easy for homeowners to store their retractables away during winter months with minimal effort. The fabric wraps around this frame to make the retractable awning itself.

Why Choosing the Right Retractable Awning Fabric Is Important

Picking the right fabric for your awning is important because you want to make sure that it will last. Retractable awnings are subject to all sorts of weather conditions, so the fabric that you choose should be able to withstand rain and sun.

You should also consider factors like how often you will use your awning and how often you will be able to clean it.

With a bit of research you should be able to find the perfect fabric for your retractable awning!

Types of Retractable Awning Fabrics Available

There are a wide variety of fabrics available. These include:

  • Polyester
  • Acrylic
  • Vinyl
  • Canvas
  • Cotton

Out of these options, we’ve found that acrylic and polyester tend to be the best choices. This is why these are the types we offer at Marygrove Awnings.

Another factor you should consider is how the fabrics are treated. Coated finishes will help protect your awning against bad weather or strong UV rays. Our awnings are treated to prevent these issues.

green striped awning - choosing the right awning fabric - Marygrove Awnings

Why Solution-Dyed Acrylic and Polyester are the Best Retractable Awning Fabrics

More Durability

Treated acrylic and polyester fabrics are more resistant to water than cotton or linen so they can withstand the elements for much longer periods of time. Natural fabrics are prone to mold and mildew, which can cause the fabric to rip or tear prematurely.

Better Protection Against UV

Treated acrylic and polyester fabrics are also more resistant to the sun’s UV rays, which can cause fading that will make your retractable awning look old and worn out.

Easy to Maintain

Another benefit of these fabrics is that they’re easy to clean and maintain. A few rinses with soap, water, and a sponge is all that’s needed to get rid of dirt or stains on acrylic fabrics. Likewise, canvas can be cleaned similarly.

Regular cleanings increase the lifespan of your retractable awning and will help it to last longer.

Choosing the right fabric for your retractable awning doesn’t have to be difficult . Vinyl and acrylic fabrics are the best because they resist fading in UV light, have superior water resistance and are easy to clean. If you have any questions, we’re here to help you find the best fabric for your structure and lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Questions About Retractable Awning Fabric

If you’ve had your awning for a very long time and the fabric hasn’t proven to be durable, it’s time to buy a new one.

Marygrove Awnings can help you replace your retractable awning fabric with a new one that will last a lot longer.

Do you have a specific awning design in mind? With our custom options, we can make one that perfectly suits your home or business.

We understand that awnings are not always on size fits all, so Marygrove Awnings offers custom sizing and color choice to allow for the perfect match for your situation and budget. Contact us with any questions or thoughts about what style of retractable awning would be best for your home, restaurant, or other business.

Retractable awnings should be unrolled and cleaned once per month during the months of spring and summer. This might look like a quick hose down and brushing to get off any loose dirt or debris. Before retracting your awning back into its metal cassette housing, it is important to allow the fabric to air dry.

Retractable awnings are ideal for entertaining outside. They can cover the patio or the entire backyard and come in a large range of sizes, from small to an enormous covering over your entire house.

Three of the most popular dimensions of retractable awnings are:

12′ x 10′

16′ x 12′

20′ x 12′

You can learn more about how to take measurements for your awnings here.

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