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How to Measure for an Awning: A Downloadable Measuring Guide

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Your back patio has been too hot and too sunny for ages, but you’ve finally found a solution: a retractable awning from Marygrove Awnings.You’re excited to host your annual Fourth of July barbeque, but you need to know how to measure for an awning before you can decide which size is perfect for you.In this post we’ll tell you exactly how to measure for your new awning.

Getting Started

Survey the area where you’d like to install the awning. You will need a space that is both tall and wide to accommodate your new addition.Marygrove offers four sizes: 10-, 12-, 16- and 20-foot awnings.


You only need to look at two things when considering how to measure for an awning: width and height.
  1. To measure for the ideal awning width, measure along the exterior wall of your house.
  2. Measuring the height is a little trickier. You will need to measure up the wall to where you’d like to have the awning – at least 7 feet and 6 inches. If you are planning to mount the cover above a door wall or window, you’ll need to add an additional 10 inches. Awning enclosures require a minimum clearance of 10 inches if mounting above an exit or entrance.

Things to Remember

  • If you don’t have the proper space to mount the awning under a soffit, you will need to use the roof mount installation process.
  • If you want to mount the awning over a bay window, door or chimney, you’ll want to use the new Bay Mount option. Be sure to contact to verify the mounting bracket depth before we send them to you.

Custom Awnings

Don’t hesitate to call us if you think you want an awning wider than 20 feet or with a different projection. We can create custom awnings that range from 8 feet to 35 feet and custom projections that range from 5 feet to 13 feet. Give us a call at 1-800-44-AWNING!Now you know how to measure for an awning! While the process may be intimidating at first, this guide breaks things down and makes measuring for your new Marygrove Awning much more manageable. Take a moment to browse through our Fabrics section and decide which design perfectly accompanies your house’s exterior and your deck layout.

Download your FREE copy of Marygrove’s measuring guide!

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