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Fixed Vs. Retractable Commercial Awnings

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Installing a commercial awning for your business is a cost-effective way to boost your curb appeal and protect customers from the weather. When it comes to deciding whether you should install a fixed or retractable commercial awning, there are many considerations to keep in mind.

We’ll reveal the benefits of fixed vs. retractable commercial awnings to help you decide which option is best for your business.

Fixed Commercial Awnings

Fixed commercial awnings, as the name suggests, are built in a permanent, fixed position. Because a fixed commercial awning is a permanent structure, it will provide shelter from the weather year-round, including the winter months.

Our fixed commercial awnings can be designed in many shapes and sizes. A small fixed awning may be used to decorate your business and provide shade while large fixed awnings may be used for outdoor seating, as an awning application for restaurants, or other large areas. We can also custom-design  your awning to match your business’s color scheme.

Benefits of Fixed Commercial Awnings

A fixed commercial awning is up 24/7, 365 days a year, meaning your customers will always have shade and protection from the weather, even during the winter. A fixed commercial awning requires little maintenance and will last for many years. In addition to being extremely durable, our commercial fixed awnings are available in selection of designs and colors to choose from.

Fixed commercial awnings not only provide shade for customers but increase the viability of your business. Whether you install a large awning canopy or a small patio awning, a fixed awning will make a wonderful addition to your establishment.

Commercial Retractable Awnings

Looking for a commercial awning that is versatile and adaptable to the weather? If so, a commercial retractable awning may be the perfect option for you. Unlike a fixed commercial awning that is built in a permanent position, a retractable awning can be retracted at any time.

Benefits of Commercial Retractable Awnings

There are many benefits to installing a commercial retractable awning. Retractable awnings are extremely adaptable, allowing your business to always offer a comfortable environment for customers. Commercial retractable awnings require little maintenance and last for many years.

Our retractable awnings are available in a variety of fabrics, styles and designs so you can easily match your awning with your business’ color scheme. Whether you run a restaurant, hotel, store or any other business, a commercial retractable awning is an investment quickly returned.

Fixed and Retractable Commercial Awnings Manufacturer

Looking for the best fixed and commercial retractable awnings manufacturer? Our team of sales professionals, fabricators, designers and installers have you covered. We understand that making a great first impression is extremely important for your business. This is why we will diligently work with you in creating an awning that will enhance your facility.

Not sure what type of awning you’re interested in? No worries! Our awning pros will help you decide which awning will best suit your business. From fixed commercial awnings to retractable commercial awnings, Marygrove Awnings does it all!

Summing Up: Fixed Vs. Retractable Commercial Awnings

Well, there you have it! As you can see, there are many benefits to installing a commercial awning for your business. Whether you’re interested in a fixed commercial awning or commercial retractable awning, we can guarantee that your selection will enhance your facility and improve your business.

Ready to transform your business with a Marygrove awning? Contact us today and we’ll get started on creating the commercial awning of your dreams!

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