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How to Choose the Right Storefront Awning for Your Business

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When it comes to choosing the best commercial awning for businesses, there is a wide variety of awning options to choose from. Among the many awning designs for commercial companies are storefront awnings, a unique type of awning that offers strong branding opportunities and continual comfort for guests.

If you’re pondering the idea of installing a storefront awning at your business, you have come to the right place. Today, we’ll walk you through the steps to choosing the best storefront awning for your establishment and why a commercial awning is a valuable investment for your business.

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Advantages of a Storefront Awning for Your Business

There are countless reasons why a storefront awning makes a fabulous awning for businesses. In addition to being attractive, storefront awnings offer comfort for guests while boldly promoting your business’s brand name and services. Furthermore, a storefront awning may increase customer flow and consequently boost a business’s revenue.

Before we explore how to choose the best storefront awning for your business, let’s take a closer look at why a storefront awning is a perfect addition for your facility.

A Strong First Impression

There is no doubt that a storefront awning offers a strong first impression to tourists and passersby. Featuring bold colors and professional branding, storefront awnings give businesses a boost in curb appeal by sprucing up the building’s facade.

A storefront awning for business can also be used as a powerful branding solution by displaying your business’s brand name, logo, and offers. This not only promotes your brand to the public, but it helps customers easily find your company’s location.

Better Brand Visibility

Businesses seeking a solution for boosting their brand’s appearance may find storefront awnings to be the exact solution they need to improve brand visibility. Through the use of its bold, attractive colors, a storefront awning creates an alluring appearance to the community. Additionally, a storefront awning’s custom branding may help tourists as well as returning customers easily find your facility.

By helping your establishment stand out to the public, a storefront awning can set your business apart from the competition in your community. As a result, your business may experience a boost in customer traffic and sales.

Shade and Shelter

Another advantage of a storefront business awning is the shade and shelter the awning provides for customers and staff. Designed to shield individuals from harmful UV rays and inclement weather, a storefront commercial awning improves your customers’ experience and creates a safe environment for employees.

Retractable vs. Stationary Commercial Awnings

One of the many considerations to contemplate when selecting a storefront awning is whether to install a retractable awning or a stationary awning. Understanding the differences between a retractable awning vs. a stationary awning can help you decide which type of commercial awning will best suit your business.

The main difference between a retractable awning and a stationary awning is the design. A retractable awning is adaptable to the weather and can be retracted at any time, while a stationary awning is built in a permanently fixed position.

While stationary commercial awnings may appear to be more solid and durable than retractable awnings, it’s important to note that they are exposed to the weather year-round. As a result, stationary awnings may require more maintenance than retractable awnings. If you prefer an awning that is versatile and capable of adapting to the weather, a retractable awning may be the best option for you.

Commercial Retractable Awning

How to Decide Which Material Is Best For Your Storefront Awning

Once you have chosen which awning design will best suit your business, the next step is to select a fabric type for your awning. The three main types of fabric for commercial awnings are vinyl/polyester blends, cotton blend canvas, and acrylic fabric.

Vinyl and Polyester Composite Awnings

Businesses seeking a durable, long-lasting fabric for their awning may consider installing a vinyl and polyester composite awning. As one of the most common types of awning fabric, these synthetic blends are durable, waterproof, and fire-resistant. Moreover, vinyl and polyester composite awnings are less susceptible to fading in the sunlight.

Cotton Blend Canvas Awnings

Another common type of fabric for commercial awnings is the cotton-blend canvas. Although this type of material is not as durable as other fabrics, it is still highly water-resistant and long-lasting. Its classic design makes it a fairly common fabric used for storefront awnings.

Acrylic Fabric Awnings

The final type of fabric for commercial awnings is acrylic. While acrylic isn’t as heavy-duty as vinyl, it is slightly more durable than cotton and is resistant to mildew and UV rays. This type of fabric is most preferred for awnings displayed during hot, humid summer months.

Marygrove’s Fabric Options for Commercial Awnings

At Marygrove Awnings, we offer a wide array of fabric options. From traditional canvas awnings to durable vinyl awnings, we provide businesses with the highest quality awnings on the market. In addition to our large selection of fabrics, we offer custom awning options to ensure your awning perfectly matches your brand’s color scheme. Contact us today to learn more about Marygrove Awnings’ fabric options for commercial awnings!

Choosing a Frame for Your Storefront Awning

In addition to choosing the best fabric for your storefront awning, it’s important to select a frame that perfectly complements your business. The right awning frame not only gives your business a professional look, but it provides a solid foundation for brand advertisement.

Marygrove’s Custom Frame Options for Commercial Awnings

At Marygrove Awnings, we provide custom frame options for each of our commercial awning types. Our awning frames are extremely durable and capable of withstanding the elements. Furthermore, our custom frame options improve your business’s aesthetics by creating a professional, stylish appearance.

Other Considerations for Storefront Awnings

There are many other important considerations to keep in mind when selecting a storefront awning for your business. Among these considerations are choosing a color that will match your facility, and understanding whether your county has awning regulations.


Choosing the right awning color for your business is a significant step during the selection process. Your awning’s color should precisely match your building’s color scheme, as well as be bold enough to attract customers. One of the best ways to choose an awning color is to consider whether your building is traditionally styled or contemporary themed. Traditional buildings are best paired with soft tones, while contemporary businesses may benefit from bold, colorful modern awnings.

Local Regulations

Another consideration to keep in mind is local regulations your community may have. Many towns only allow certain types of awning designs and colors. Be sure to check with your city’s regulations before installing a commercial storefront awning.

How Marygrove Awnings Can Help You Choose the Right Commercial Awning for Your Business

Selecting the perfect storefront awning can be a challenging process. If you’re struggling to choose the ideal awning for your facility, Marygrove Awnings is here to help. As a leader among awning companies for over 90 years, Marygrove Awnings is happy to help you choose and design the awning of your dreams. In addition to offering a large selection of awning designs, Marygrove Awnings provides custom awning options for businesses with specific awning ideas in mind.

Want to learn more about our variety of storefront awnings? Contact Marygrove Awnings today to begin the process of creating a commercial awning you’ll absolutely love!

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